Junior Year Timeframe of Events

Application Timeline for Third Year Students

The application cycle can be overwhelming.  Having an organized calendar can help mitigate stress. 

First Semester Junior year
  • Work closely with your advisor
  • Gear up for application cycle
  • Meet with college to ensure on-track academically
  • Create a list of possible medical schools you wish to attend (20)
  • Carve out time with your advisor and MSAR
Second Semester Junior year
  • Winter- work on drafts of personal statement
  • Plan when you will take the MCAT
  • Carve out time to study for the MCAT
  • Map out MCAT plan of attack
       May 4th – AMCAS paperless application opens
  • Create AMCAS account work and save, work and save
  • Summer- Your processed application is delivered to medical schools
  • Start secondary applications, return within 2 weeks

Written by Amy Sellars

Independent Education Consultant - Medical School Admissions Advisor

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