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The Vital Difference

Actual Med School Admissions Experience

I have firsthand experience with medical school admissions.  I know what admissions departments seek in an applicant.  I understand what is required to stand out.  I personally work with each client to ensure quality of services.

Tailored Personalization

I believe in an individualized approach that is custom tailored to your needs.  Each client receives personalized 1:1 attention from me.  No matter where you are in your undergraduate career, I create a plan that is right for you.  I do not pair you with a coach; I am your coach.

Serious Value

The Unique talents of a Corporate Psychologist, Counseling Psychologist, and Medical School insider all combined into one advisor. One stop shopping for your personal dream team for success.  You’ll receive unprecedented levels of insight rare to this industry.

Why Vital Med School Advising?

  • Great First Impression – Perfect your on-paper first Impression.  Learn how to convey your talents, strengths, and abilities with impact.  I know how to craft an application that admission screeners want to read.
  • Great Communication – Polish your in-person presentation.  Learn techniques on how to communicate in a strong yet likeable manner.  Walk into the interview with poise, confidence, and humility.  I coach  applicants how to present their best self.
  • Maintain Self Health – Practice healthy coping skills for stress management.  Applying to medical school is competitive and stressful.  I am empathetic to your situation and remove unnecessary stressors from our working relationship.  I help clients find a work/life balance that is right for them.

My Mission

Providing future physicians valuable insight and guidance to forge their own path to medical school and embark upon a successful career in medicine.

The decision to become a doctor is exciting, the application process is competitive, my professional guidance is vital. 

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