Medical School Admissions Advising


What makes me different?

1, Experience:

My years of experience on the inside of med school admissions provides me with crucial knowledge.  I know what med schools look for when deciding who to accept.  I know the core competencies they seek and how to help my clients convey these competencies on paper AND in person.  I know what your competition looks like and how to make you shine above.

2. Success:

My years of success in the corporate world taught me a strong work ethic and keen sense of professionalism.  I understand what makes an individual desirable during the interview process and I know how to coach my clients for interview success.

3. Priority:

I am Vital Med School Advising, LLC.  You will not be handed off to advisors who work for me as a side gig.  You are my priority; our time together is individualized, customized, and personalized to you.  I pride myself on creating a positive work dynamic that is successful and stress free.  I care about your mental health and wellbeing throughout the process.  Creating a healthy, happy, and effective future physician is vital.

4. Personalized

I have a Bespoke business model.  I am selective.  My client load is small.   This allows me to foster a personalized approach that is right for you.  Quality over quantity breeds success.

Why not just utilize my (free) undergrad pre-med advisor? Why hire a private medical school admissions advisor?

Personalization and accountability.  Clients often report their undergraduate pre-med advisors could not spend adequate 1:1 time working with them.  You can be assigned an undergrad pre-med advisor and hope for the best; or, you can be proactive and seek an independent pre-med advisor dedicated specifically to you.  I establish meaningful rapport and take vested interest in your success.

Payment / Packages

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans will be considered based on the services or package you purchase. Please contact me to discuss.

I don’t see a package that’s exactly right for me. Can you still help?

Yes.  I pride myself on being flexible.  Please contact me and we can design a package that is a great fit for your specific needs.

Why can’t I find pricing on your site?

My pricing is competitive relative to other advising firms.  I like perspective clients to inquire about pricing.  When a perspective client inquires about price, I know they are serious about their future success.

How do you bill hours?

 I only bill hours for A la cart advising/consulting.  The amount of hours we work together will be pre-determined by you during the intake interview.  A contract with up front pricing will ensure no surprises.  Billable hours include phone conversations, Zoom meetings, and emails.  Standard business breakdown of 60/30/15 minute intervals.


When will we communicate and interact?

I work with clients in several time zones; domestic and international.  I am located in the Eastern Standard time zone.  Clients are encouraged to contact me anytime.  Inquiries after 8pm EST will be replied to during next EST business day hours. 

How will we communicate?

Phone conversations, video conferencing, and emails are standard.  Some coaching situations will require face to face interaction.  Together, we will determine what is right for you.

How many students do you work with?

I maintain a small client load to ensure quality of services.  Situations arise when perspective clients are not taken to maintain standards of quality for established clients.  My clients know I value quality over quantity.

What are the logistics for interview coaching?

I understand some skills are better acquired when in-person modeling exists.  This also depends on a client’s aptitude to learn the social nuances involved.  I am open to travel to the client for in-person coaching.  Typically, coaching will occur through video conferencing.  


Do you offer guarantees for acceptance?

No.  Not one person in this industry will offer a guarantee for acceptance.  Its unethical and illegal.

Do you have affiliation with any Medical schools?


What is the success rate?

In general, the longer a student works with an independent advisor, the more they learn and develop the skills for success.  Statistically, students who work with an advisor from Freshman year forward, have greater odds for acceptance into medical school. 

Additional Information

What is the cost associated with applying to Medical school (2020)?

Primary Application Fee – AMCAS $170.00
Additional School Designations – AMCAS (Average 15) $41 ea (x15) = $615.00
Primary Application Fee – AACOMAS $196.00
Additional School Designations – AACOMAS (Average 8) $46 ea (x8) = $368.00
Primary Application Fee. TMDSAS $185.00
MCAT Test Fee $320 (x3) = $960.00
Undergraduate Registrar Fee to Send Transcripts (Average 20) $13 each (x20) = $260.00
Secondary Application Fee $75-$1000 $88 ea (x15) = $1320.00
Cost Associated with Interview Process (x8) $500-$1000 = $4000 to $8000
Average Cost of Medical School Application Process $10,074.00

MCAT Test Prep Courses -average $2000

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